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Me and Kevin had been to New York on our last trip to the states, we skipped the bus from Toms River, NJ and caught a cab to Seaside Heights.  The Boardwalk is good but its 12.00 and it was HOT, the third bar we go into is the ĎRiggers Barí.  We meet a guy called Bruce, Dollar Draughts- Bud- chilled glasses - ĎHEAVENí. 


Iím telling Kevin that Joe Grushecky is on tonight and I donít wanna miss it, all day I'm saying this.  It was back to the Hotel, quick shower and into Christopherís Bar.  So the trip to New York is late and we are the only ones in the bar, thereís a band doing a Sound Check and Kev says "Is that Joe Grushecky".  Now Iím not that drunk yet, and it isnít Grushecky.  This guy starts singing (I canít even remember the song) kevin says "heís good, who is heĒ.  Next thing, the singer comes over to us and introduces himself, asks where weíre from, it took one song and we were fans already.  The set blows us away, Bye Johnny Bye,  Tell Me Why, Deep End, Badlands and more.


Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan, Toms River, 17/9/99

Joe at The Leadmill, Sheffield England, 2000


So its winter in the UK and myself, Kevin, my brother and all our wives are heading down the A1 to Sheffield with "Glow" and "Mirrors" playing over and over.  Another year passes and the same six of us are in a cab heading for Glasgow, guess who was playing?  Joe now tells me that he hopes to be back in the UK in September.


Since `99í Iíve pestered Joe with countless e-mails, every one answered.  I also know what his inspiration for "Your Fadeaway", `cause he told me.  Someone in Glasgow asked him to sing "The Key" and he did, (Jackie, it was brilliant).  Oh and his wife is really lovely too.  Iím taking a trip with my family to Canada this summer, it may be that  Iíll "Drive All Night" and catch him in some small Bar while I'm over there.  Lets hope so.


Billy Crawford