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The Real Deal

I first saw Joe and Stone Caravan at the Legendary 'Light Of Day' Benefit show.  I went there to see Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers and with a tiny hope of seeing the Boss.  I'm sure you know I wasn't disappointed, but something else really caught my attention.  I saw a few other folks who I really enjoyed listening to, Willie Nile and Danny White were excellent but it was Joe D'Urso who had me rocking.


My wife and I went back to the Pony in April just to see him perform again.  We were there early and got a glimpse of this wonderful artist.  My wife was taking pictures and an older gentleman starting talking to her about her camera.  Turn's out it was Joe's Dad!  We talked quite a bit about some of the local bands, our hometown, his love of helping out the band when they are on the road and may other topics. 


He was really friendly and was obviously VERY proud of his son.  During that chat Joe walked up and joined in.  In five minutes I knew he was the real deal.  There was no act and he took the time to talk about his music and his love of Rock and Roll.  We even talked about a local dive (from my area) called the Metro, where Joe played many years ago.  The only thing that bummed me out that evening was the set.  I wish they could of played longer. 


He is a wonderful artist who takes it to another level when he steps on the stage.  My hope is that he soon get the notoriety he deserves.